Updated CV

Work in Progress

  1. The Elite Versus the People: Democratic Crisis and Renewal in Contemporary Chile
    with Jorge Atria and Cristóbal Rovira Kaltwasser
    Book project, under contract with Cambridge University Press

  2. Political Behaviour: Actors and Institutions
    with Sofia Collignon
    Book Project, Sage

  3. We did not see it coming: The unintended polarization induced by an institutional reform. The case of the Chilean Constitutional Tribunal
    with Jorge Fábrega and Sammy Drobny

  4. Non-response Bias in Candidate Surveys
    with Sofia Collignon and Wolfgang Rüdig

  5. Fluid Coalitions: Gendered Debates and Political Alliances in the Chilean Constitutional Assembly
    with Julieta Suarez-Cao

Journal Articles

  1. Why vote for an independent? The relevance of negative identity, independent identity, and dealignment in a pro-independent political environment
    with Noam Titelman
    Party Politics, forthcoming.

  2. Intertwined fates? Members switching between niche and mainstream parties
    with Sofía Collignon, Wolfgang Rüdig, Chrysa Lamprinakou and Iakovos Makropoulos
    Party Politics, 29(5), 2023.

  3. Parenthood, employment, anxiety, gender, and race: drivers of non-compliance with lockdown measures
    with Sofia Collignon
    Journal of Elections, Public Opinion and Parties, 31(sup1), pp.245-258. 2021

  4. Chile 2020: pandemia y plebiscito constitucional
    with Carlos Meléndez and Cristóbal Rovira Kaltwasser
    Revista de Ciencia Política (Santiago) 41(2), 263-290. 2021

  5. Informed, uninformed or misinformed? A cross-national analysis of populist party supporters across European democracies
    with Stijn van Kessel and Steven van Hauwaert
    West European Politics 44(3), 585-610. 2020

  6. Green party members and grass-roots democracy: A comparative analysis
    with Wolfgang Rüdig
    Party Politics 26(1), 21-31. 2020

  7. Local means local, does it? Regional identification and preferences for local candidates
    with Sofia Collignon
    Electoral studies 56, 170-178. 2018

  8. Civil society in times of crisis: Understanding collective action dynamics in digitally-enabled volunteer networks
    with Yannis Theocharis and Silia Vitoratou
    Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication 22(5), 248-265. 2017

  9. The formation of political discourse within online networks: the case of the occupy movement
    with Jorge Fábrega
    International Journal of Organisational Design and Engineering 3(3/4), 210-222. 2014

  10. Tweeting alone? An analysis of bridging and bonding social capital in online networks
    with Jennifer Hudson, David Hudson, Niheer Dasandi and Yannis Theocharis
    American Politics Research 43(4), 2014

  11. Is the Internet Changing our Conception of Democracy? An Analysis of the Internet Use During Protests and its Efect on the Perception of Democracy
    Politica 51(1), 2013

Book Chapters

  1. Se rompió el amor: cambios en la opinión pública durante el proceso constituyente
    with Emilia Saffirio
    in El proceso fallido: La dinámica constituyente en Chile, 2020-2022, Claudio Fuentes (editor). 2023

  2. Determinants of personalised campaigning: a comparative analysis
    with Iakovos Makropoulos, Sofia Collignon, Heiko Giebler, Wolfgang Rüdig and Bernhard Weßels
    in Parliamentary Candidates Between Voters and Parties, Lieven De Winter, Rune Karlsen, Hermann Schmitt (eds.) 2020

  3. Ciclo de vida y diferencias organizacionales en los partidos de la centro-derecha chilena
    with Stephanie Alenda and Tomas Dosek
    in Anatomía de la centro-derecha chilena: nuevos y viejos protagonistas, Stephanie Alenda (editor). 2020

  4. More Political, Less Voting: the Internet Paradox
    in More Sex, Lies and the Ballot Box: Another 50 things you need to know about elections, Rob Ford and Phil Cowley (eds.), 2016

Research Interests

My main research interest lies in the intersection between Political Behaviour, Comparative Politics, and quantitative methods.

My current research agenda includes:

  • Electoral politics, with an emphasis on British and Chilean politics
  • Elite politics: candidates and legislators from a comparative approach
  • Public opinion
  • Latent variable estimation
  • (Not so) big data, data management, visualisation, and automated collection

I am open to any questions about potential PhD supervision, just drop me an email.